The Team

Murtaza Versi

Founder, CEO and Lead Facilitator, Vice President of Service Quality Institute in Africa

Facilitator of the year and member of the Service Quality Institute (SQI) Presidents Club. I have managed a wide range of change management programs aiming at transforming Organizations and Individuals Into Excellence. I understand the value of people and I relate it to Tanzanite, a gem found in Tanzania that is only valuable when polished

Moustafa Khataw
Moustafa Khataw

Business Partner

Having been in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, my passion for travel and exceptional customer service is high. I get motivated to share my travel experience with clients and friends.

Happiness is contagious. I believe at Noesis we are doing our best to have a happy team which drives performance excellence.

Mohamadabbas Dewji

Finance Manager

Being a chartered accountant by profession, I am passionate about numbers and figures. With my current job i explore different avenues of life and experience which is invaluable and i am proud to be part of this entity.

Thadei Raphael Mkanzabi

Business Development Manager

The team at Noesis does more than motivate you to work better and grow, there is exceptional support from each and everyone that makes doing what we do so much enjoyable and even more inspiring when we see what we do benefits everyone who is touched in one way or the other by the services.