Strategy Development

“If you don’t know where you are going, you probably won’t get there”. To start the process of strategy development you need to be clear about the PURPOSE of your organisation and from that define your VISION and MISSION.

Noesis Strategic Institute (NSI) in partnership with LeaderShape Global use advanced strategy development tools that are chosen to suit the specific needs of each organisation.

From Vision to Performance:


Once the VISION is established we can develop the OBJECTIVES and the STRATEGIES but we need to be in “strategic thinking” mode we can actually develop those strategies. But equally important is to establish the desired VALUES and CULTURE and understand the EXPECTATIONS of the people in the organisation and other stakeholders.

To implement the STRATEGIES effectively we need to ensure the people in the organisation have the necessary COMPETENCIES (business skills) and the correct BEHAVIOURS. These two strands (see diagram above) come together in the PERSONAL PARTICIPATION PLAN of everyone in the organisation.

We help organizations develop their vision and strategies using advanced compatible tools that include, Permission to Vision, Vision Orbit, Three Horizons, Key Differentiators, and many more.