Exceptional Service

Deliver Exceptional Service

To deliver exceptional customer service means the following:

  • This training program is built around the concept that all employees must work together as a team to deliver Exceptional Service.Go above and beyond the customer’s expectations.
  • Offer extraordinary and superior service where you go that extra mile to excel.
  • WOW the customer with your attention, actions, and words.

First three segments:  Participants learn the philosophy of exceptional service.

  • Introduction: Concept of total customer service and the role their team plays.
  • Customer expectation:  How personnel impact the service experience.
  • Everyone’s important:  Importance of pride and professionalism of the people.

Next seven segments: Participants learn specific skills and techniques to deliver quality service.

  • Customer care: Role-playing to learn about establishing trust and empathy, and how to question, understand and provide effective solutions.
  • Communicating quality:   Learn about verbal and non-verbal communication for first impressions.
  • Value-added service:  Offering memorable service.
  • Problem solving:  Learn why customers complain and how to deal with and avoid dissatisfaction.
  • Service recovery:  Regaining customers’ goodwill after a service problem has occurred-often a result of failure to deliver acceptable service.  Mistakes do happen-but switching to “service recovery” mode, taking positive steps to undo the damage, can restore the customer’s faith and loyalty.
  • Speed:   Doing it fast, doing it right and doing it now.
  • Conclusion:  Exercises and post-assessment

Exceptional Service gives your employees a cultural understanding of the concept of superior service and positively changes their view of it.