epic Online Performance Management aligned to your strategy

  • Align your Staff Goals with Company Strategy
  • Set Measurable Objectives and corresponding Actions
  • Track Staff performance regularly
  • Conduct Meaningful Online Performance Appraisals
  • Manage Team Weekly Commitments


Initiate Continuous Improvement in Staff Performance

With an increasing range of features that target specific aspects of managing staff performance, epic is an affordable, instantly available online solution to business needs. Start a sequence of events where staff specify what they want to achieve, measure regularly and make adjustments to what they do so that targets are met (or exceeded). 

Communicate Company Strategy to All Employees

When everyone knows where you are headed and how you want to get there it is easier to get everyone moving in the same direction.  epic allows you to quickly communicate your strategy throughout your enterprise.

Enhance Team Productivity

Inspire and Motivate teams to achieve individual and team goals, assist one another and feel involved. Confident, committed and Empowered teams are the lifeblood of great organisations. epic Weekly Commitments allow teams to see what other team members have committed to and are able to hold each other accountable. 

Measure & Reward Performance

Ongoing Measurement of Staff Performance allows for impartial rewarding that is not impacted by recent events but rather based on a track-record. Don’t punish or reward staff based on single recent events – rather consider consistent behaviour. epic provides mechanisms for less biased measurements of staff activity. Online Performance Management Systems do not get any easier than this.

Solicit Customer Feedback

Regular Online Customer Surveys which allow you to fine-tune your company’s service and support and give your customers what they deserve. Use epic surveys to measure what your customers think of you so that you can improve what you do.  Keep repeating this cycle for continuous improvement of your product or service. Your customers will also appreciate that their opinions are valued!