Coaching for Success Seminar

– A 3 days Seminar about Training and Team Building –

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Noesis Strategic Institute extend their compliments and wish to present an Invitation to you to attend the Coaching For Success Seminar scheduled to take place from 30th November to 4th August 2016 at Birchwood Hotel & Conference Center in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Benefits of Attending the Coaching For Success Seminar

The training and techniques outlined in this program will help you and your entire organization succeed in the face of any obstacle, through using these 4 steps:

  • Improving your daily interactions with your employees
  • Helping employees perform at a higher level
  • Creating and managing effective teams
  • Providing skills necessary for working with poor performing and problem employees


This valuable program is designed to help you because your role as coach is crucial and delicate—to set expectations for performance, yet help each individual employee to nurture growth, development and achievement.

the Brochure

SINGLE  Ticket: $475 / person
GROUP of 10: $450 / person

Simply put, these 3-days of training are the best, fastest and most convenient way for you to substantially improve your managerial skills. Don’t miss this training event that brings the world’s largest community of Training and Team Building Experts to you!

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