SQI Africa Channel Partners Conference

October 19 & 20, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2 day seminar for all the partners on the continent to discuss:

The objective of the conference is to benefit African partners and not to sell more SQI materials to the partners. Additionally, it will be an open forum for people like YOU to talk about what you’d like to see and what works best for you.



will focus on ...

How to book more customers and persuasive selling


will focus on ...

Strategic Planning for Business

You Pay Only

$700 for Three Nights / $750 for Four Nights

Your Speakers

Matthew Kimberley

Matthew Kimberley is a sales trainer and keynote speaker. He’s the former Head of the Book Yourself Solid® School of Coach Training, the founder of The School for Selling and the Single Malt Mastermind and creator of the Principles of Professional Persuasion.

His first book How To Get A Grip (John Blake, 2011) sold over 40,000 copies.

Every year Matthew transforms sales teams, business owners and independent service professionals by showing them how to get more clients more consistently and more elegantly, and teaches even the most reticent influencer that t hey can become a true master of professional persuasion.

Matthew has spoken all over the United States and the UK, Mauritius, Australia, the Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Malta and more.

With outstanding feedback from participants (click that link for some testimonials) in his programs all over the world, Matthew takes this stuff seriously and will be keen to discuss any specific requirements your team has.

Matthew offers two programs, which suit both keynote speeches and full-day, interactive workshops.

  1. Book Yourself Solid: How To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle, Even If You Hate Marketing And Selling

For service professionals who need more clients with less hassle: this classic material – developed by Matthew’s business partner – outlines how to start and grow any service business using counterintuitive and well-proven business practices, running the full spectrum from choosing a target market to sending keep in touch emails that get opened and making offers that get bought.

2. Professional Persuasion

This exclusive material is for the professional salesperson, entrepreneur or self-employed professional. If you want more people to buy more of your product more frequently, you can’t afford to ignore the fifteen principles of professional persuasion that make more people say “yes” to you
more frequently. You’ll have more fun, more money and more time when you put them to use.

For a speaking reel, see here

Murtaza Versi, SQI Vice President Africa

Founder, CEO and Lead Facilitator for Noesis Strategic Institute,
Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach

Facilitator of the year and member of the Service Quality Institute (SQI) Presidents Club. He has managed a wide range of change management programs aiming at transforming Organizations and Individuals Into Excellence.

“I understand the value of people and I relate it to Tanzanite, a gem found in Tanzania that is only valuable when polished.”


You Pay Only

$700 for Three Nights / $750 for Four Nights

Programs Overview

Book Yourself Solid® Training Program

Book Yourself Solid® is suitable for all salespeople, sales managers, marketing executives and senior commercial executives in service-based industries.

It’s also IDEAL for one-person business owners who are in the early stages of business… or are looking to revitalize the way they do their marketing and business strategy.

It is NOT for customer-service representatives or finance departments, unless owner-managed.

It is based upon the enormously popular ​Book Yourself Solid® ​bestselling business book (in the bestseller ranks for the last decade) created by Matthew Kimberley’s erstwhile business partner, Michael Port.

Matthew currently occupies the role of Book Yourself Solid® International Brand Ambassador, following the last half-decade as the head of the Book Yourself Solid® School of Coach Training, where he was responsible for training the Book Yourself Solid® coaches worldwide.

  • Learn how to market and sell professional services.
  • Establish a solid marketing foundation so you get more clients.
  • Build trust with your target market and earn credibility within your marketplace.
  • Learn the most essential marketing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that work.
  • Feel confident using smarter marketing methods in alignment with your core values.
  • Notice a shift in your thinking and feel at ease marketing and selling your products or

Part 1: The red velvet rope policy of working only with ideal clients
● Identifying Ideal Clients, the Duds and Everyone Else
● Discovering What Turns You Off Or Shuts You Down
● Defining Your Ideal Client So You Can Get More Of Them
● Uncovering the Qualities Of Your Ideal Client
● Creating Your Red Velvet Rope Policy
● Learning Which Clients Fit the Profile and Which Don’t
● Turning Mid-Range Clients Into Ideal Clients
● Pruning Your Client List – a Perpetual Process
● Working Only With Clients That Energize and Inspire You

Part 2: Understanding Why People Buy What You’re Selling
● Understanding the 3 Reasons You Must Have a Target Market
● Discovering What a Target Market Really Is
● Choosing a Target Market
● Identifying the Urgent Needs and Compelling Desires of Your Target Market
● Making Your Offers Investable Opportunities
● Choosing the #1 Result You Create For Clients
● Demonstrating the Benefits of Your Investable Opportunities

Part 3: Your Powerful Personal Brand Identity
● Finding What Makes You Uniquely You
● Exploiting Your Quirks and Natural Talents
● Crafting the 3 Components of Your Personal Brand
○ Your Who and Do What Statement
○ Your Why You Do It Statement
○ Your Tag Line
● Thinking Bigger About Who You Are and What You Offer
● Deciding How You’re Known in the World

Part 4: How To Talk About What You Do
● Why an Elevator Speech Could Be Killing Your Business.
● Looking Like a Star With The 5-Part Book Yourself Solid Dialogue
● The Long Version
● The Medium Version
● The Short Version
● Getting Into a Book Yourself Solid Dialogue with Ease
● Never Again Worrying When Asked, “What Do You Do?

Part 1: Who Knows What You Know And Do They Like You?
● Becoming a Category Authority
● Deciding What You’d Like to Be Known For
● Finding What You Need to Learn and How to Learn It
● Making the Mental Shift Into Expert Status
● Harnessing the Power of Likeability
● Leveraging the 4 Keys to Increasing Likeability
● Establishing the Standard Credibility Builders
● Discovering the Real Meaning of Marketing

Part 2: Design Your Sales Cycle
● Mastering the 6 Keys to Creating Connection
● Profiting From the Always-Have-Something-to-Invite-People-to-Offer
● Designing a Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process

● Using the BYS Sales Cycle to Unconditionally Serve Your Clients
● Building Trust Over Time for More Sales
● Choosing the Right Number of Stages for Your Sales Cycle
● Getting People into Your Sales Cycle Faster
● Making the Right Sales Offers at the Right Time
● Automating Your Sales Cycle
● Designing a Keep In Touch Strategy That Keeps Your Prospects Warm And Hungry

Part 3: Building Your Keep-In-Touch Strategy
● How To Keep Track Of Everybody You Need To Keep In Touch With Them
● Automating Your Keep In Touch Strategy
● One-to-One vs One-To-Many: What To Use When
● Essential Tools For Keeping In Touch
● The Importance of Contact Relationship Management
● How To Be Relevant, Interesting and Valuable

Part 4: Brand Building Information Products
● How To Design Brand-Building Products And Easy-To-Follow Programs
● 5 Steps To Designing Your Product
● The Simple 3-Step Product Launch Sequence
● How To Add Extra Revenue To Your Business With Digital Deliveries
● Shorten The Sales Cycle And Build Trust With Programs And Products
● Joint Venture Partners And Affiliates …A Necessary Step In Your Business Development

Part 1: Perfect Pricing
● Profiting from the 8 Professional Services Perfect Pricing Models
● Exploiting the 5 Essential Pricing Objectives
● Knowing When to Raise Prices
● Knowing When to Lower Prices and Offer Discounts and Specials
● Understanding that Pricing is What You Pay, Value is What You Get

Part 2: Super Simple Selling
● Using and Loving the 4-Part Super Simple Sales System
● Practicing Selling Without Pressure
● Selling Without Sliming
● Putting an End to One Step Selling
● Selling with Integrity
● Knowing for Certain When to Make Sales Offers
● Reveling in Never Being Nervous to Sell Again

Part 1: The Book Yourself Solid® Networking Strategy
● Profiting From the #1 Activity for Expanding Your Network
● Finding Informal Networking Opportunities
● Finding Formal Networking Opportunities
● Nailing Networking Events – What to Do
● Nailing Networking Events – What Not to Do
● Increasing Your Network by Sharing Your Knowledge
● Building Your Influence by Sharing Your Compassion
● Enhancing Your Status by Sharing Your Network

Part 2: The Book Yourself Solid® Direct Outreach Strategy
● Creating Your Direct Outreach List of 20
● Sending Letters That Demand Answers
● Making Calls That Get Picked Up
● Sending E-mails That Bring Delight
● Doing Whatever-it-Takes Direct Outreach
● Making Personal Connections with Famous People
● Promoting Through the Press
● Creating Your Direct Outreach Plan

Part 3: The Book Yourself Solid® Referral Strategy
● Understanding What Really Makes a Quality Referral
● Finding Referral Opportunities
● Beginning the Referral Process
● Understanding Why Clients Would Refer to You
● Finding Where Your Referrers Make a Referral
● Communicating How Your Referrers Should Make a Referral
● Starting the Referral Connection
● Following Up with Referrals and Referrers

● Creating Your Gang of 5 for Never-Ending Referrals

Part 4: The Book Yourself Solid® Writing Strategy
● Mastering the 5-Part Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy
● Deciding On the Subject
● Choosing an Ideal Topic
● Getting Your Articles Published Online
● Getting Your Articles Published Offline
● Submitting Your Articles to Directories
● Writing the Query Letter
● Helping Editors Help You

Part 5: The Book Yourself Solid® Speaking Strategy
● Learning Self-Promotion Speaking Strategies
● Getting Promoted by Others Speaking Strategies
● Booking Your Way Up the Association Ladder
● Getting Booked to Speak and What You Need to Do It
● Putting Your Presentation Together
● Organizing Your Information
● Knowing When Not to Use PowerPoint
● Selling From the Stage; When It’s Cool and What It’s Not
● Answering The Question: to Speak Or Not to Speak?

Part 6: The Book Yourself Solid® Web Strategy
● Mastering Website Basics
● Answering the 3 Questions That Make a Website Work
● Choosing from the 10 Most Effective Web Site Home Page Formats
● Implementing the 9 Book Yourself Solid Web Traffic Strategies
● Promoting Through Marketing Partners
● Leveraging the 2 Essential Principles of Visitor Conversion

Professional Persuasion Program

Is for the self-employed, small business owners, sales managers, business development executives and salespeople who are interested in more professional

It is most suitable for those who enjoy some degree of autonomy in their daily practice, and is therefore not necessarily recommended for people who are trying to work out what they want to do for a living, or call center staff.

It’s designed for the SALES team or organizations or small business owners who are already operational, as it covers the step by step process to follow once the lead has been generated and the conversion process begins.

How to grade your prospects for maximum projected return on sales effort, looking at Situational, Emotional, Financial and Conditional indicators, and covering how to extract this information during the qualification process

How to make yourself the obvious choice of vendor in a competitive marketplace. We’ll look at increasing likeability, manufacturing charisma and magnetism and reinforcing the rules of reciprocity.

How to lay the right foundation for the relationship with your prospect, so that you are in the driving seat of the sales relationship, always know what and when the next step is and how to have your prospect willingly let you lead the way.

To be seen not only as likeable, but serious, you need credibility. You’ll discover the whats and hows of Expert Endorsement, Authority Signposts and your Circle of Influence to position you as an A-player in the market.

Your prospect is going to buy from you based on a need they have: the need will be based on a problem. It might be a big one (imminent loss of funds/shelter) or a small one (need a great engagement party gift). How you address it and get your first buy-in from the prospect is critical.

Presenting what you’ve got: there’s a right way and there’s a dozen wrong ways. When you position your solution as being the best choice using the right language (based on the discovery and qualification process we’ve been through earlier), it doesn’t matter if you’re not the only choice or not the cheapest choice.

Prospects buy for a number of reasons … and a lot of those reasons are subconscious. In this module we dive deep into the specifics of YOUR product and delineate the various financial, psychological and physiological advantages of being a customer of
1. Your product or service and 2. Your firm.

The best way to do testimonials — even if you haven’t got any testimonials yet — drawing on social data and existing customer case studies.

Poor persuaders and amateur salespeople run from objections: they see them as big bad red flags to be avoided at all costs. Professional Persuaders pro-actively sniff out reasons that their prospects won’t buy, based on research and the particular prospect’s situation. Then they pre-empt them with the right questions, stories and case-studies.

Eliminating the awkward moment of switching to the offer. How to present your offer with strength and conviction. How much to charge. How and when to give the prospect a choice between options and how and when to prescribe a single course of action.

The “sugar on the top” that nudges the buyer to choose you is used heavily in some industries and largely ignored in others. You’ll learn how to “sweeten the deal” ethically and in a way that doesn’t affect your bottom line … and only makes your customer more committed to doing long-term business.

Guarantees, warranties and cooling-off periods. Using them for commercial gain and buyer trust.

Scarcity works. When the salesperson has the strength to NOT leave the offer on the table until it goes bad, the product or service becomes more compelling. There’s manufactured scarcity and there’s fake scarcity and then there’s the Professional Persuasion option: sincere scarcity.

The “be back bus” never comes. You have a choice as the driver of the sales process about whether you’re going to leave the deal dangling or whether you’re going to enforce some strict deadlines. Urgency is scarcity’s twin, and used together, properly and with sincerity, they’re a powerful tool in your sales shed.

Buttoning up the deal to mutual satisfaction … and the next steps to increase your customer’s lifetime value.

The Venue

The Conference will take place at the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1755

The Hotel

Harmony Hotel, Cameroon street, Addis Ababa, 16139, Ethiopia

The hotel fee includes the meeting room with Wi-Fi, morning & afternoon refreshments,
and first class lunch buffet plus hotel room with complimentary breakfast.

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3 Nights

  • Includes: conference ticket, hotel accomodation, meals

4 Nights

  • Includes: conference ticket, hotel accomodation, meals

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