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All core lessons on providing superior customer service covered in 12 detailed videos.

You can teach your entire workforce with a new DVD each week or each month

Introducing “Service First”
The new customer service video library

What is it?

Service First is a powerful video-based training tool that makes it easier than ever to train any number of employees -with no limits- in the art of exceptional customer service, with immediate results and without the need of a big budget or huge investments of time.

It helps you teach your entire workforce (and all the employees you hire in the future) the values, skills, techniques and attitudes necessary to deliver the outstanding, legendary level of customer service you need in order to make sure your customers come back again and again to do business with you -and don’t switch to your competition.

Unlimited training in all secrets of service

There are 12 DVD´s in total or one flash drive; you can use each of them for 15 to 50 minute training workshops or staff meetings; each comes with its own 2-page discussion guide. Combined, the 12 DVD’s give you up to 12 months of high quality, non-stop training. DVD´s are short, entertaining, have no recurring costs and were built based on our experience working with the best organizations worldwide.

It´s so easy to train with Service First

Anyone from your staff can do it successfully; you don´t need to hire a experienced facilitator. Each DVD is just 15 minutes long and the sessions can expand to up to 1 hour using the discussion guides.

A smart, easy to use system

Service First comes with a set of powerful value-added tools that you can download for FREE from the private, password protected section of our web site. Interactive tools include a comprehensive Facilitator Manual, a full-color PowerPoint presentation, discussion guides, answer sheets and certificate of accomplishment.

You Pay Only 1697$

John Tschohl, founder of Service Quality Institute, has been referenced by media such as Time Magazine as a “customer service guru”

The Global Leader in Customer Service Training

John Tschohl

Service Quality Institute is a multinational firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota (and offices in 40 countries) which is considered one of the most advanced and important organizations in the field of developing innovative customer service training programs.

With over 45 years of market leadership, our training systems have reached millions of people around the world, through developing sophisticated custom and off-the-shelf- programs for organizations as demanding as Federal Express, 3M, Miller Brewing and all branches of the United States military. Now the same technology is available to you, at a small fraction of its cost, with the new Service First Video Library.

John Tschohl, our founder, has been referenced as a “customer service guru” by leading business publications from countries all over the world, and magazines as respected as Time and Entrepreneur. Tschohl has written several books on service strategy, including his best-seller Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service, and others such as Empowerment: A Way of Life, Moving Up, Loyal for Life, e-Service, Cashing In and The Customer is Boss.

Hundreds of ideas in 12 videos

Here are some examples of what your employees will learn:

  • The 5 principles to deliver outstanding customer service.

  • 6 steps to calm down an irate customer.

  • 4 techniques to discover your customer´s needs and expectations.

  • 9 magic ¨tricks¨ to provide great service through the phone, voice mail, fax and e-mail.
  • 5 steps to effectively use empowerment skills to over-satisfy a customer
  • 4 skills to develop team work and skyrocket performance.
  • 6 rules to exceed customer expectations in every contact, always.

  • 4 tips to communicate quality over the phone.

  • 7 immutable rules to ¨act with class¨ and communicate a high image
    of your company.

  • How to increase sales practicing active selling of your products or services, even if they are not in sales position.
  • The 3 fundamental steps to solve both simple and complex problems.
  • 3 universal principles to master service recovery and save the situation when a mistake is made.
  • 5 attributes to excel in their job.

You Pay Only 1697$

The Video Library is an ideal tool for:

• Training your entire workforce

• New employee training

• Small group workshops

• Self and home study

• Sales staff meetings

• Motivational sessions

• Breakfast meetings

• Seminars and conventions

• Reinforcement for previous programs

No Ifs, no Ands, no Buts. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!

12 Secrets of Exceptional Service

#1: Your Key To Customer Satisfaction

Through this session your employees will learn, discuss, and practice the 5 Fundamental Principles of Service First:

1. Feel Good About Yourself.

2. Practice Habits of Courtesy.

3. Use Positive Communication.

4. Listening and Asking Questions.

5. Perform Professionally.

#2: Teamwork Development

Customer-focused teamwork skills are developed through joining forces with co-workers.

Enables employees to deliver better solutions and a better experience to customers.

#3: “Handling Complaints and the Irate Customer”

Teaches employees skills to solve problems, handle complaints, and how to deal with irate, even furious customers.

Helps employees to immediately solve simple complaints or handle complex problems.

#4: “The Language of Positive Communication”

Provides methods to create positive interactions with customers and co-workers, along with ideas to energize the work environment and improve employee morale.

#5: “Effective Questioning and Listening”

Shows how to precisely detect a customer’s needs, desires, and expectations. Develop skills to:

• Ask questions

• Actively listen

• Confirm understanding to the customer.

#6: “Exceeding Customer’s Expectations”

This session goes in-depth on how to make an extra effort to achieve market differentiation. It provides steps to do more than people expect to make customer service not good, but impressive and memorable. Setting a high standard for going the “extra mile” in serving the customer

#7: “Value–added Service”

Employees are taught the keys to add value to customer service by giving them the tools to:

• Go beyond the rules to deliver the unexpected.

• How to use a positive surprise element to develop customers into friends.

#8: “Effective Telephone Techniques”

Demonstrates how to best serve customers during telephone and voice interactions. This video covers all elements of communication, from facial expression, to body language, to the patterns, tones and volume of voice.

#9: “The Art of Satisfying Customers”

Ideas on how to get free word-of- mouth advertising through satisfied customers. Teaches strategies to keep customers and have them come back over and over again.

#10: “Service Recovery”

Focuses on how to turn service problems and difficult situations into positive experiences that ensure the customers return. Techniques to save the relationship with a customer after poor service or a mistake occurs.

#11: “Empowerment”

Provides guidelines to take responsibility and assume ownership of problems to solve them immediately by using common sense. Applying empowerment skills by always putting the customer’s needs before internal policies and procedures.

#12: “Total Quality Service”

Zero-defects service reviews the fundamental ideas introduced in the previous 11 videos. It offers techniques to make things right the first time and tools to internally manage the process of always improving customer service.

Optional Training Strategies

The optional training strategies are those that are really fun, visual and easy to be adapted as part of your daily life.

With these DVDs, you will be able to create a whole new culture of effective and passionate customer service in a way that works best for you and your workforce.

There is be no need for a classroom or external facilitators. All you need to do is click play and learn on a daily basis, on your own or with your team.

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