Are you spending most of your dollars trying to attract new customers…
and virtually none to keep them?

Then no wonder your business is STUCK!

If you are spending a huge amount of resources attracting new clients, you probably don’t know that:

  • 90% of your clients create their first impression about your company in their first interaction with your customer service.
  • 60% of clients leave because of bad experience with the company.
  • 70% of companies belive they offer a good service, but only 40% of clients report that.

When you treat your customers with high-level customer service they will

This means that they will practically do your maketing for you, for free! 🙂

And since the level of service has continued to decline on a world-wide base in the past 10 years, Customer Service is an important competitive advantage over your competition.

Make your customers fall in love with your company and your business will grow twice in size!

Scroll below to see HOW you can do it!

Service First: The Art of Customer Service – the 12 series
Become the best you can be in the art of Customer Service

Don’t miss this online course if you want to:

  • learn the communication skills needed to navigate each customer interaction effectively.
  • learn the values, techniques and attitudes necessary to deliver the outstanding level of customer service.
  • develop a unified consumer culture around your business – so that your customers come back again and again, and don´t switch to your competition.
  • bring your employees together in a constructive environment where they can develop existing skills while improving others.
  • build a solid foundation for future customer service training.

Awesome customer service is the key ingredient to build loyalty and
make your customers come back again and again.

Introducing “Service First: The Art of Customer Service”, the new customer e-learning tool.

Service First is a powerful e-learning training tool that makes it easier than ever to learn the art of exceptional customer service, with immediate results and without the need of a big budget or huge investments of time.

A smart and easy way to use system

Service First comes with a set of powerful value-added tools
that you can download for FREE:

  • a comprehensive Participant Manual (Full Package buyers only),
  • a full-color PowerPoint presentation,
  • a questionaire to evaluate your staff,
  • and a certificate of accomplishment (Full Package buyers only).

Hundreds of ideas in 12 videos

Here are some examples of what your employees will learn:

  • 6 steps to calm down an irate customer.

  • 4 techniques to discover your customer´s
  • 9 magic ¨tricks¨ to provide great service through the phone, voice mail, fax and e-mail.
  • 5 steps to effectively use empowerment skills to over-satisfy a customer
  • 4 skills to develop team work and skyrocket performance.
  • 6 rules to exceed customer expectations in every contact, always.
  • 4 tips to communicate quality over the phone.
  • 7 immutable rules to ¨act with class¨ and communicate a high image of your company.
  • How to know when -and when not- to make promises to customers.
  • 7 immutable rules to ¨act with class¨ and communicate a high image of your company.
  • How to know when -and when not- to make promises to customers.
  • How to think and act using common sense.
  • How to increase sales practicing active selling of your products or services, even if they are not in sales position.
  • The 3 fundamental steps to solve both simple and complex problems.
  • 3 universal principles to master service recovery and save the situation when a mistake is made.
  • 5 attributes to excel in their job.
  • How to handle complaints masterfully to avoid loosing customers.

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The 12 Secrets of Exceptional Service

Session 1

Your Key to Customer Satisfaction
The foundations of exceptional service. The 5 principles of Service First.

Session 2

Skills for customer-focused teamwork. How to join forces with co-workers to deliver better solutions and a better experience to customers.

Session 3

Handling Complaints and the Irate Customer
Skills to solve problems, handling complaints and deal with irate, even furious customers. How to immediately solve simple complaints or handle complex problems.

Session 4

The Language of Positive Communication
Methods to create positive interactions with customers and co-workers. Ideas to energize work environment and improve morale.

Session 5

Effective Questioning and Listening

How to precisely detect customer´s needs, desires and expectations. Skills to ask questions, active listening and
confirm understanding.

Session 6

Exceeding Customers Expectations
How to make an extra effort to achieve market differentiation. Doing more than people expect to make your service not good, but impressive and memorable. Going “the extra mile” in serving the customer.

Session 7

Keys to add value to your service: how to go beyond the rules to deliver the unexpected. How to use a positive surprise element to gain customers into friends.

Session 8

Effective Telephone Techniques
Skills for customer-focused teamwork. How to join forces with co-workers to deliver better solutions and a better experience to customers.

Session 9

The Art of Satisfying Customers

Strategies to keep customers and have them come back over and over again.

Ideas on how to get free word-of-mouth advertising through satisfied

Session 10


How to turn service problems and difficult situations into positive experiences that ensure the customer comes back. Techniques to save the relationship with a customer after poor service or a mistake occurs.

Session 11

How to successfully apply empowerment skills to put customer´s needs in the first place, before internal rules and procedures. Guidelines to take responsibility and assume ownership of problems to solve them immediately by using common sense.

Session 12

Total Quality Service

Zero-defects service. A review of the fundamental ideas introduced in the previous 11 videos. Techniques to make things right since the first time and tools to internally manage the process of improving customer service.

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